• To educate, enhance and inspire people to reach their academic and professional growth.
  • To bridge gap between academics and industrial requirement.
  • To create awareness on how to use knowledge to improve your professionalism.
  • To learn about personal and communication style for team building through inquisiveness.
  • To create competitive and supportive work environment.
  • To encourage to explore the connection between academic study life enrichment, lifelong learning and
    civic responsibility.


“To imbibe, inculcate knowledge, information and experience I analytical academic,
industrial, art, music, dance, theatre, science in 360 0 Genre of life”


  • To organise various international and national conferences workshops/ seminar periodically.
  • To develop research and analytical skills among students and academicians.
  • To enhance knowledge and perseverance skill through rational thinking.
  • To arranging regularly guest lecturer on emerging topics and recent trends in industrial requirement.


Assistant Professor
Deepthi R
Assistant Professor
Meena A S
Assistant Professor
Vidhya S
Assistant Professor


I B COM 1) Supreeth
2) Sanjan Shasidhar
II B COM 1) Priya T B
2) Arshad
I B COM 1) Akash Gowda
2) Varshini D