Assistant Professor, K-set, PGDBA
Experience:1 year

Shamshad Unnisa. R

Seminar and Workshop

  • FDP on "Investors Education program"organised by SJB college
  • FDP on "Enhancing teacher effectiveness of students progression" organized by KLE degree college
  • FDP on "Innovation methods of case studies in management education"- KLE nijalingappa college
  • FDP on "Income Tax II" organised by BSVP FDP on "getting job ready for post covid era"by Mc graw hill
  • FDP on "Impact of pandemic on entrepreneurship in india" by Mc graw hill FDP on "economic value added" organised by BNM college
  • FDP on "Research methodology" by Dr DY Scholl of management (pune)
  • FDP on "Balancing work and family"
  • FDP on "Revised NAAC framework guidelines"- V.O Chidambaram college Attended workshop on "Indian Taxation system" by Mukhthanandha college
  • FDP on "New educational policy" Webcast on "Trading in finance market"by kle society degree college
  • Webinar on "physical and Mental health' organized by Kle Society’s Degree College
  • Webinar on "Professionalism among faculty members in higher education" organised by soundarya institute of management