Physical Director Qualification:M.Ped, K-set

Lokesh T M

Seminar and Workshop

  • Participated in one day national level webinar on “Role of Yoga and Physical Education in Making India Atmanirbhar Organised Government first grade college Rajajinagar.
  • Participated in one day national conference on Physical education and sports in national education policy and Karnataka state sports policy organised by SJRC Bangalore.
  • Participated in National Webinar on Intellectual Property rights in sports organised by Vidyodaya law college Tumkur.
  • Participated in National webinar on Professional management of University sports organised by Indian Primary academy of sports and physical education.
  • Participated in International Virtual Seminar on Reconceptualising Holistic health and fitness in context of COVID 19 organised by GFGC by Ramnagara.
  • Participated in National virtual seminar in Rejuvenation of health through yoga in NEP organised by Avinashillingam institute for home science and higher education for woman.
  • Participated in 3 days International Webinar on PHY-EDU Spectrathon 2020 organised by Bangalore University UCPE.
  • Participated in National webinar on Fitness for protection from pandemic organised by University College Mangalore.
  • Participated in National level webinar on stress management through physical fitness and social wellness organised by Karnataka law society’s KLS Academy.