LAASYA! THE CARNIVAL Committee for the year2021-22

The main aim of any kind of education is the progressive and holistic development of the students. Keeping this objective, KLE Society’s Degree College has constituted LAASYA! THE CARNIVAL committee. It involves every student to keep in touch with rich cultural values,
customs and traditions of our country by organizing cultural performances of celebrating festival as well as polishing their communication skills and expressivity, and critical thinking power and thus equip them to face professional life with confidence.

The college believes in all-round development of student’s personality as a goal of education. It
aims to provide rich cultural experiences so that the student appreciates the multi-cultural
diversity of the society. We need to express our emotions somewhere and various cultural events provide an excellent media for that. To avail such platform for students, our institute KLE Society’s Degree College has constituted LAASYA! THE CARNIVAL


  • To prepare students for real life and strengthening their personal skills.
  • To assist students to develop themselves in the desired field and also improve skills such as leadership, organizational, presentation and interpersonal communication skills.
  • To inculcate team spirit and to account for overall personality development of students.
  • To bring out various talents of students.
  • To make special efforts to encourage various folk arts around the globe.

Committee Coordinator

  • To decide the year plan for the events.
  • To assign responsibilities for faculties and students.
  • To estimate the budget for an event to be conducted
  • To solve in disciplinary issues and take necessary measures
  • To select and nominate few of the student members for disciplinary committee
  • To conduct meeting with committee members to discuss and delegate the task.

Committee Members:

  • To monitor over the events conducted
  • To collect the list of students to participate
  • To plan and schedule cultural event for the academic year
  • To plan for intra and inter collegiate cultural events
  • To arrange mementos and gifts for guest and certificate, trophies for the participants.
  • To invite the chief guest, Patron’s and other dignitaries.

Students’ Member

  • To provide the hospitality to the invitees.
  • To intimate the faculty member against indiscipline issues.
  • To organize the events to be conduct.


Shamshad Unnisa. R
Assistant Professor
Renugopala K
Assistant Professor
Deepthi R
Assistant Professor
Meena A S
Assistant Professor


I B COM 1) Madhushree R
2) Darshan
II B COM 1)Tarun Reddy
2) Ganavi
I B COM 1)Shamini